premiere: 28th November 2013, Haus der Kunst, Munich link
other performances: 5th June 2014, Maximiliansforum Munich For booking enquiries click here
anna mccarthy

"I want to be bored all the time, i want to be one of a kind...i don't want to work, i'm broke, i don't want to work and i won't"


A musical adaptation of the multifaceted, facetious, ongoing project "How to Start a Revolution" written and performed by the artist together the musicians Tom Wu, Antenne Danger, Tagar and Manuela Rzytki, which deals with the romanticization and synaesthetic manipulation tactics entailed in depictions of revolution, rebellion, and recent history acted out by an ever same group of bored rebels. Facts are mixed with fiction, layers are built upon layers, translations occur to create scenarios that manipulate a viewer's perception of what was and is truly real. 2-D actors and scenarios mix with 3-D action going on onstage.The "How To Start A Revolution" project has thus far manifested itself in the form of arrests, archives, films, photographs, and songs. But now it is time for the ultimate grand romantic gesture: A MUSICAL – singing, dancing, screaming, and laughing at the question what time is it? It's a prophecy; it's a poetic pop spectacle.

Tom Wu: Drums, Percussion
Antenne Danger: Fake Grand Piano, Backing vocals
Tagar: Guitar, Annoying noises
Manuela Rzytki and Anna McCarthy: Vocals, Moves
Joe Masi: Sound
Anton Kaun: Lights
In Virtual Reality: Anthony McCarthy, Luzi, Frl.Milano, St.Anger, EatIt, Frl.Jablonski, Tagar, Antenne Danger and Sandra

MUSICAL excerpt listening here:

anna mccarthyanna mccarthy

"As Coroner I must aver,

I thoroughly examined

her. And she's not only

merely dead, she's really

most sincerely dead."anna mccarthy

"What ever happened to

The gang that I once knew?

The gang who said it'd be true

Oh, what happened to

The light I gave to you

What will I do with it now?"

anna mccarthy

"Well, that really is very interesting,

and in colour too.

But you wouldn't believe it if I didn't know better...

That that wasn't all!"

anna mccarthy


"He was a daddy long legs...


I got a book daddy,


I'm gonna kill you daddy,


if you don't stop daddy..."

anna mccarthy

"M: Could this be heaven daddy ?

A: I think you better watch out little



It looks like there's a storm a

brewing out yonder.


It's coming our way.


Look at dem doves fly.


You better grab your little doggy


and bring em inside, ya hear ?"

anna mccarthy

anna mccarthy

"Whatever you do, do not mix the colors"

anna mccarthy

"Come all ye young rebels, and list while I sing.

For the love of one's country is a terrible thing."

anna mccarthy

"Gold is on the rise, the markets are white not black

Fresh meat from fat farmers for fresh faced youngsters.

Their look unto the world is a rose-tinted one

The wars going on on TV and the Internet are entertaining,

at most a burden.

Trips with a troll on cheap airlines are taken from time to time

Only to realise that home is the only place

where cheeks are rosy like your mama's tea cosy"

anna mccarthyanna mccarthy

"Believing that you are bad,

you make everybody sad,

but you are a silly lad,

you dog gone hooligan...

Hooligan! Stay in your bed, hooligan

One onze a let, hooligan

will make your skin quill."

anna mccarthy

"Cos I just love your brain (...) "




"I got me a gun

and I don't know

how to use it


hold my hand,

close your eyes,

I will abuse it."

anna mccarthy


walking in the sand.


walking hand in hand..."

anna mccarthyanna mccarthy"I'm the leader of the gang I am..."

anna mccarthy

"They were glorious years

upon which I can look back at

with wonder, respect and awe

and tell my children and future

grandchildren about.

Rest Sweet Rest."

anna mccarthy

"A brief overview of these three past generations, starting with the IRA, going on to Dylanesque hippie critiquey and ricochet back atcha to the present day aka NOW all packed into one jammy folk song!
Ready ?....Ready!"

anna mccarthy





AS W/ CHIPS ..."

anna mccarthy



these rebels


are no longer




in your country."



(Photos by Jörg Koopman, Reinhold Böh, Stefane Gruber, Yves Krier.....All images @ Anna McCarthy)