Join us for the release of Anna McCarthy’s new publication GELATINE JAWS in her ongoing exhibition Washing Cycle, Thursday, July 21, 2022, 7 pm



GELATINE JAWS is a selection of poems and drawings by Anna McCarthy about violence against womxn, illustrated primarily by images of overgrowing plants as a symbol for overcoming physical and psychological trauma.

The title references a poem by the same name where the victim describes how a dj dislocated her jaw in a nightclub. Trance-like, she repeats the word gelatine jaw as if wishing her jaw (or even entire skeleton) could spring back into place as if nothing had occurred.

GELATINE JAWS is published by HAMMANN VON MIER Verlag.

McCarthy will perform extracts of the publication accompanied by the noise musician RUMPELN.

Performance starts at 8 pm.


Gefördert mit Mitteln des „Sonderförderprogramms 20/21 NEUSTART KULTUR – Stipendium für freiberufliche bildende Künstler:innen“ des Stiftung Kunstfonds.








300 Page artist book + 11 Riso prints, handprinted and signed. Edition of 100, self published.



So what was it like before everything went hell-bent batshit crazy? Enter Prof.Dr. of Pseudology, Anna McCarthy, with her HOW TO START A REVOLUTION book and its endless footnotes and twists and turns. She explains to us the chronology of politics and personal occurrences through this haze of a microcosm.

HOW TO START A REVOLUTION is a multi-layered work that deals with clichés of rebelliousness. It is embedded in socio-political events from 2007 to 2015 and their mediated and subjective reception. It deals with rebellion in limbo, in which change seems ominent, mirroring the current political atmosphere. Geographically anchored in Munich and Bavaria, it reaches beyond the local peculiarities and relocates them into the context of historical global events. A microcosm of reoccuring people and places stand in as exemplary figures for global events in a humorous, absurd, and critical manner. Examples are documentaries such as 'Bored Rebel in Oberpfaffenhofen' or ridiculously provocative political actions in public spaces, numerous "in-flux" archives, a pathetic musical, which was first performed in 2013 at Haus der Kunst, and even a permanent installation in Tito’s ex-Bunker in the hills of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project has been exhibited internationally, including at Nottingham Gallery for Contemporary Art, Chisenhale Gallery London, Schloss Ringenberg, Galleribox Akureyri Iceland, Goethe University Frankfurt, D-0 Ark Underground, Konjic, and at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow, amongst other locations.

At Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin on the 12th July and in the Kunstverein Munich on the 26th of July 2019, Anna McCarthy will present her brand new 300-page self-published artist edition of HOW TO START A REVOLUTION (2007-2015), including 11 Risograph prints printed at Extrapool/Nijmegen.

Afterwards, one can expect drinks, music and dancing shared by numerous bored rebels.

PURCHASE 300-page Hardcover + 11 Riso prints, signed & numbered:




Anna McCarthy: WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR?, 2017 has been published by Hamman von Mier Verlag as part of Anna McCarthy’s recent show at Kunstverein Göttingen, curated and edited by Anja Lückenkemper.

new publication + special shitbag available NOW...

Artist: Anna McCarthy
Editors: Anna McCarthy, Anja Lückenkemper
Poems: Anna McCarthy
Text: Anja Lückenkemper
Language: English
Design concept: Studio Jung

1st Edition: 250
60 pages, 4/4 color offset print, softcover, 14x21cm
10,00 € + shipping
delivery time: about 5 workdays

"In ›What Are People For?‹ McCarthy expands her research into the topic of hunting and scavenger hunts. She approaches this line of inquiry by laying a plethora of associative and idiosyncratic traces—methaphorical as well as visual—for the visitor and reader to follow and explore. McCarthy opens up her notebook and allows a gaze into a tightly-knit universe of coupling thoughts and linking researches, a visualized stream of consciousness bringing ideas or events together. In the same way as the question »what are people for?« can never truly be answered, McCarthy’s artistic presentation ›What Are People For?‹ can never be completely understood—yet it offers the audience a volume of entry points to navigate and follow through the exhibition space and the artist book respectively. " – Anja Lückenkemper

exhibition views:…/anna-mccarthy/

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DRINK COLD PISS WARM by Anna McCarthy available now:

DRINK COLD PISS WARM is a poem written by Anna McCarthy during her three-month stay at the Villa Aurora - Los Angeles in Los Angeles in 2015 accompanied by imagery and research notes gathered during that time. The title references an excerpt from Henry Miller’s novel Black Spring, which similarly scolds the human race for its dealings with nature. It documents her impressions of California in its fourth straight year of drought and the accompanying environmental consequences and social issues."


Die friedliche Zeitschrift für internationale Verständigung

Special edition booklet + brick financed by charlie edition
a 100-page booklet documenting this here project

48-page Newspaper available HERE documenting the project


A performative Installation by Gabi Blum & Anna McCarthy

Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne, 4-10 July 2013

anna mccarthy

Over a period of four days Gabi Blum and Anna McCarthy will transform the Schaustelle of the Pinakothek der Moderne into a tumultous, superseding and constantly en loop build-up to the end of the world, acted out by a conglomerate of artists, supernumeraries, lost folk and been-there and done-thats. 

"We're goin' down, everyday – even on Sundays !" (quote DAMENKAPELLE)  The four day show-piece is set to metamorphose into a fully accessible tableaux–vivant in keeping with the ever-present principle: To give structure chaos. Simultaneously, the occurences are to be documented from varying perspectives and transmitted live into the 'archive' situated in the 'belly of the whale', aka downstairs. Past, present and future are set to become one and shifts are commonplace. 

At the end of this whole shebang only the archive will be left to tell the tale and thus a cheapo fleamarket and an auction, which will take place on the days following, will be sure to rid the world of any graspable leftovers and scatter those remnants into that stormy wind. 

What time is it ?

...and the Universe, ... will explode later for your pleasure.” – Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. 



100-page Self-Published Hand-bound Limited Edition
Alle deine Freunde sind tot ! APRIL ! APRIL ! 2013

‘'New publication by the artist Anna McCarthy: A collection of poems dealing with love, sex, poverty and nature with accompanying drawings and photographs.
It is a follow up to her 60-page stencil print book ‘Revolution & Its Muses’ which was produced on invitation from EXTRAPOOL/Knust in 2011.
Since then she has toured book fairs such as New York Art Book Fair or Miss Read Berlin and performed readings of her book with a slideshow and performative elements accompanied by her DAMENKAPELLE band members in Vienna, Copenhagen, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg'

Available to order here

anna mccarthy poems and pictures



Drawings, collages, song lyrics and poems by Anna McCarthy.

Revolution & Its Muses
was printed within the framework of Knust's Work Holidays series 'Art Prison'.
It was made collaboratively at Extrapool, Nijmegen, from June 27th til July 9th, 2011, by Anna McCarthy, Jan Dirk de Wilde, Joyce Guley, Maria Guggenbichler, Polona Kuzman and Tagar.
Edition of 330, 31 pages (20 full colour stencilprinted pages), 215x285mm, comes in a shiny fake leather UV-ink printed and full colour dust cover, cold glue bound perforated pages in a burgundy coloured cloth spine.

Available to order here

Or via Extrapool

Internationally also available via Printed Matter


— "Die friedliche Zeitschrift für internationale Verständigung" Booklet + Brick, financed by Charlie Edition 2014

— POEMS AND PICTURES by Anna McCarthy, Self-Published Hand-bound Limited Edition, 2013
—ANGRY TIME ISSUE #1 STRIKE WORK by Anja Lückenkemper, Anna Dobrucki with Anna McCarthy, Self-Published, 2013
DAMENKAPELLE 10" , self-published, 2013, DAMENKAPELLE LP, echokammer, 2012
— REVOLUTION & ITS MUSES by Anna McCarthy, Knust Extrapool Publishing, 2011
— Tracing the Invisible Catalogue, ed. Nadine Zeidler, Schloß Ringenberg, 2011
— Unser Magazin, 'Bored Rebel in Oberpfaffenhofen', Edition 1, Vienna/Berlin/Munich, 2010
— Was tun - Figuren des Protests. Taktiken des Widerstands, ed. Hildegard Fraueneder & Gianni Stiletto, Muery Salzmann Publishing, 2010
— How to Start a Revolution, newspaper, Edition of 200, self-published, 2009
— Tribute to Gustav Metzger (CD), curated by Justin Hoffmann, Intermedium Records, Bayerischer Rundfunk/Hörspiel und Medienkunst, 2008
— A Contemporary Account of the Sufferings of the Rebels, booklet edition of 200, self published, 2008
— Vorn, 4. Edition, 2007, p. 74-79, Printkultur GbR A. Feckl & J. Baldauf, 2007
— Franz Ferdinand Annual, Domino Records Publishing, 2007
— Vorlesungsverzeichnis, Ghostakademie, ed. Uli Aigner, Kulturreferat München, 2005
— Pop Up Radical Porn by Anna McCarthy, self-published, 2005
— Strips & Characters, ed. Justin Hoffmann & Anne Kersten, Kunstraum Munich, 2004
— Bang! Bang! by Anna McCarthy,, 2nd edition, self-published, 2004
— Bang! Bang! by Anna McCarthy,, 1st edition, self-published, 2003