micturition in relation to granny, politics, culture and sexuality
opening: Thursday, February 11, 6pm - 9pm
exhibition: February 12 - March 24, 2016 at SPERLING munich, Regerplatz 9

Anna McCarthy sees connections between her grandmother's visions to current political, cultural, environmental and social change, examining the inherent parallels and relying on the strength of intuition, in an almost conspirative manner.
Granny has recently been crowned Queen of Peace, travelled from the hospital to the retirement home under the sea, has worms serving her tea and has a part-time job in a private security firm, whilst having to climb to the top of Dixon's on fire patrol at night, just to protect us. Will she be strapped to a cucking stool and ducked till she stops waffling such madness? Hopefully not. She doesn't even read the news.
Anna McCarthy will be showing impressions from the onslaught of occurences of the past year in drawing, collage, video and sculptural form, including a 4-channel video "Realitätsflüchtlinge" about the refugee crisis in Munich during the Oktoberfest, a film-adaptation of her poem "Drink Cold Piss Warm" centring around the drought in California, work on her grandmother's current psychological state in connection to all of the above and collages involving general filth and degredation. All this in a (partly) child-friendly, colourful, comic, newsroom type of manner, hereby underlining the fact that everybody is currently acting like in a fucking Kindergarten. Be rid of childish hatred, fear and…and grow up! 
I don't want to be protected by daddies, do you ? 
Listen to your mother, you mother.


Back Alley Border, 2016
Mixed Media
83 x 91 cm

Realitätsflüchtling, 2016
Mixed Media
174 x 71,5 x 87,5 cm

We're All The Same When Skinned, 2016
Mixed Media
Size variable

Peece Fingers, 2016
Varnish, Permanentmarker und Pastel on Wood
55 x 40 cm

High Level Shower Curtain, 2016
Silicone, singed
165 x 125 cm

Dispersionsfarbe, Varnish, Charcoal und Pastel
129,5 x 129,5 cm

Ying-Yang Penis, 2016
153 x 56 cm
AM/C 2

DRINK COLD, PISS WARM (cucking stool), 2016
Mixed Media
Size variable