SHELTERS,SHACKS, AND SHANTIES, Galerie esther donatz, Munich...UNTIL 18th OCTOBER


"Which supermarket are you ?" w/ morag keil and manuela gernedel, Liszt Berlin...opening 31st October

The most supernatural man in the world , pencil on paper, 20 x 30 cm


Anna McCarthy

13.09. - 18.10.2014

Galerie Esther Donatz

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Friday, September 12, 2014, 6-9 pm
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Sat/Sun, September 13/14, 2014
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All we need now is Huckleberry Finn,“ reads a drawing by Anna McCarthy in her current exhibition at Esther Donatz Gallery. The call of nature – associated with adventure, freedom and romanticism – never seemed more appealing than today. Is the luxury of a comfortable life, as one of the benefits of Industrialization, a precondition to get back to basics? Is the newly sparked desire for authenticity a cautious attempt to break free from a civilized existence? Whether it manifests a rejection of capitalist values and therefore a little form of rebellion remains to be seen. In either case, nature has increasingly become a place of quest for meaning and well-being in the 21st century. This may result in ecological lifestyles, balanced diets and outdoor activities or culminate in complete self-surrender following the principle “survival of the fittest”, as it is simulated in numerous TV survival shows. But what happens if nature revolts and does not turn out to be human’s best friend? How do we react to volcanic eruptions, Ebola and other catastrophes? Can we rely on our instincts?
Anna McCarthy explores this range of topics in her exhibition SHELTERS, SHACKS, AND SHANTIES, named after a guide for young boy scouts from 1914 by Daniel Carter Beard. The artist thereby examines human behavior in the context of a promising, but also irrepressible and violent nature. From spiritual movements to apocalyptic prophecies, this dynamic constellation reveals various tendencies which Anna McCarthy reflects in paintings, drawings, texts, video and object works. Often, seriousness and absurdity are closely related to each other. As one of Anna McCarthy’s protagonists realizes: “This reality bites.” 
The 1981 British-born artist studied at the Glasgow School of Art and at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. She is foremost known for her long-term multimedia project “How To Start A Revolution” in which she questions clichés of the “rebel notion”. ”How To Start A Revolution – The Musical“ premiered at Haus der Kunst, Munich, in 2013. Likewise well perceived were both her performative installation "NA-EN-DE-NA-EN-DE-NA-WI-DA" with Gabi Blum at Schaustelle/Pinakothek der Moderne as well as her performative demonstration ”Heute Nachmittag: Als wir noch an was glaubten“ as part of the series ”1914/2014: Die Neuvermessung Europas (The Re-measurement of Europe)“. On receiving the Kunstclub13 Art Prize, Anna McCarthy will be exhibiting at PLATFORM, Munich, in October of this year. In 2015, she will be artist-in-residence at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles.
Works by the artist can be found in the Bavarian State Painting Collections, among others.

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